People I love

There are too many people I love to mention individually. So, this page is really about People I love who represent Projects I love

Yip & Frieda McRae, Shishya Society

These guys are my life heroes. They gave up all their own rights and ambitions in their twenties to dedicate their lives to serving India’s poor. They set up a boys’ home, a school and a church, as well as working in some of Indias most privileged schools, teaching on ‘values’, suicide prevention, AIDS awareness, and helping to mobilise the rich to help the poor. They rock, and I’m proud to count them as friends.

Rich & Jenny Cornfield, Soul Food

We met these guys in our first few weeks in Edinburgh and they invited us along to help at ‘Soul Food’. This has been one of the highlights of my time here in Edinburgh. Soul Food provides a sit-down meal for over 100 vulnerable people in Edinburgh every Saturday evening; guests and volunteers sit down together for conversation and food. Rich and Jenny, who head up Soul Food have become great friends of ours, and I love seeing the impact Soul Food has on those who come, both guests and volunteers.

Craig Greenfield

We connected with Craig after reading his book Urban Halo and he subsequently did some training with some of our teams in Sheffield. At the time Craig was heading up ‘Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor’. He is now the founder and director of Alongsiders International, a mentoring movement to help Cambodia and other Asian countries care for their own orphans. Craig is a challenging prophetic voice to the Western Church. I’d highly recommend following him on Twitter; he’s not always a comfortable voice, but I value his challenge and prophetic rigour.


This is the training ministry my husband, Rich, leads in Europe, Africa, Australasia, Asia & Canada. Rich works as a catalyst and a coach for leaders to help them make disciples and empower leaders in their own context and culture. This can vary from training individuals who have a vision for healthy fatherhood, or those who work with saving trafficked women, through to church planters in India, as well as helping move the culture and practice of organisations and denominations towards missional discipleship.