Things I love


I love hummus and guacamole, a little too much sometimes.

I love Indian people, Indian food and all-things-Indian.

I love living by the sea.

I love photography.

I love running.

I love people, and I love being on my own.

I love turning houses into homes.

I love musing, pondering and then musing some more.

I love having visitors in our home.

I love sharing my Jesus-journey with others, wherever they are on theirs.

I love lazy pyjama days.

I love walking on bright sunny wintry days.

I love reading, and I love writing.

I love seeing people walk in the freedom that God gives them.

I love my friends, both the ones I’ve known for many years, and the ones I’ve known just a few months.

I love the poor, and I love God’s heart for the poor.

I love my family.

I love my three kids.

I love my husband, Rich.

I love Jesus.